The Reel Deal

A done-for-you Reels package that takes the stress out of short-form video.

Let’s make Reels fun again! With the huge emphasis Instagram is putting on Reels, it's no wonder businesses are feeling pressure to create the perfect video. Let me take the stress and pressure off of Reels and do the hard stuff, so you can focus on the fun stuff like creating and having fun in front of the camera.

How it works:

We'll meet once a month for 60 minutes

to discuss video ideas, strategy, and goals.

I'll outline a script and prompts for each reel and send an example video of exactly what I want you to do.

You'll film the videos on your phone, then upload the raw video to Google Drive for me to edit.

I'll send you back an edited video and suggestion on what music to add. All you need to do now is upload the video to Reels, add music, and post to your feed!


16k views on @z.cioccolato

49k views on @cahnerolson

5.8k views on @firepiesf

This is for you if: 

  • You want to grow on social media, but get overwhelmed by videos

  • You want to be active on TikTok too

  • You're not confident in video editing

  • You struggle to stay consistent and stay on top of trends

  • Reels just flat out overwhelm you!

Reels a la Carte:

Purchase one Reel at a time, as needed- $70/Reel

Accountability Package: 

4 reels a month- $240/month​

Spaces will be limited each month based on availability, so reserve your spot now and take your videos to the next level!

Copy of Freelancers- we are not obligate